Team Structure

Head Coach & Assistant Coach 

Team Manager (parent volunteer)

Players - the number of players per team varies 

                  based upon number of participants

Parents Volunteers - two parents are required to volunteer

                  at every match as a line judge and scorer  

Please note 5th grade is full

Please note 7th grade is full


The backbone of our program is our dedicated Leadership Team and coaching staff. Each coach must be 100% committed to teaching the Brookfield Central High School volleyball philosophy. Head coaches are paid and assistant coaches are parent volunteers. The goal is to improve players each year. Coaches will emphasize volleyball fundamentals. The Leadership Team will review each coach’s credentials before selecting them. Coaches will participate in a coaching "Impact" clinic sponsored by Badger Region Volleyball prior to the beginning of the season, and will have a background check done by Badger Region Volleyball prior to being allowed to practice with the team. Coaches must adhere to the club's playing time guidelines.