Registration April 1 - 30, 2021

Welcome Back Junior Lancers -


The time has come to start gearing up for our 2021 season of Junior Lancer Volleyball.  We are excited to have all of you back with us this fall!  Although information on the specifics of the season are not yet available from the Badger Region, we are proceeding with our registration and team selection process.  We anticipate that our season may still be filled with Covid protocol similar to the 2020 season.  Badger Region did a great job of monitoring, tracking, and rectifying any Covid exposure within the Badger Region Youth Fall Volleyball League (BRYFVL), and the Junior Lancer Volleyball Program is comfortable and confident with our teams participating this fall.


Registration is open, and will remain open for the entire month of April.  Any players in grades 5-8 (for fall of 2021) that register within this registration window are guaranteed a spot on a Junior Lancer team. The registration portal will be closed at midnight on April 30th.  After this time, all players that attempt to register will be placed on a waiting list and team placement will be subject to availability.  We will only accept waitlisted players that impact team sizes in a positive manner, as opportunities to keep playing time adequate is our main focus. In addition, girls in 4th grade (in fall of 2021) are welcome to register during the registration period, but will follow the automatic waitlisted protocol. They will not automatically be guaranteed a spot on a 5th grade team. Once registration is closed, 4th graders will be allowed to participate on a 5th grade team only when it makes sense for team sizes.


Please follow the steps outlined below to register your daughter for the 2021 season, and plan to have your daughter attend the mandatory May 17-19 evaluations to be placed on a team.  Tryout shirts will be our jersey for the season, so please be prudent with the size that you order. Shirts will be handed out at evaluations, and you will be responsible for keeping it in a safe place until the season begins in September. Watch both the Junior Lancer Girls Volleyball and the BC Girls Volleyball websites for information about summer opportunities :)



Go Lancers-

The Junior Lancer Volleyball Board

Kris Kebisek, Christine Daugherty, Sarah Heideman, Cheri Strobel, Jodi Doering, and Patti Hoerig



How to Register


1. Submit the 2021 JLVB Player Registration Google Form between April 1st and April 30th 

2. Print 2021 JLVB Forms Packet, and fill out forms


3. Beginning May 1st, obtain a USAV Badger Region Youth Fall League Membership ($15) and print proof of the membership.  


4. Bring complete registration (including printed proof of your Badger Region membership) on May 4th or May 12th, between 5:00-7:00pm. If these dates do not work for you or you need the address, please contact Christine at



A Complete Registration Includes:

  • 2021 JLVB Player Registration Google Form (submitted by April 30)
  • Printed proof of Badger Region Youth Fall League Membership
  • 2021 JLVB Forms
    • Parent Code of Conduct
    • Player Code of Conduct
    • Anti-Bullying Code of Conduct
    • Medical Release Form
    • Concussion Agreement & Information Forms
  • Check for $300.00 payable to Junior Lancers Volleyball


**Please note: incomplete registrations will not be accepted!**

Assessments will be held at Brookfield Central High School May 17-19
Times TBD
Important: The shirt received at assessments will be used as the uniform for the 2021 season.


Additional Items

The following can be purchased on our spirit wear site (coming soon!) or on your own: 

Black spandex shorts

Ball (size and type will be discussed at team meetings)

Athletic Shoes

Knee Pads


Seventh grade players will need to purchase a new volleyball (change in weight).  Consider recycling your gently used lightweight volleyball to the younger girls. 



Players are placed on teams based upon their demonstrated skills during assessments. Independent experienced evaluators will determine team placements as follows:


The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teams are A/B, while 5th grade teams are mixed skill levels.