The backbone of our program is our dedicated Leadership Team and coaching staff. Each coach must be 100% committed to teaching the Brookfield Central High School volleyball philosophy. Head coaches are paid and assistant coaches are parent volunteers. The goal is to improve players each year. Coaches will emphasize volleyball fundamentals. The Leadership Team will review each coach’s credentials before selecting them. Coaches will participate in a coaching "Impact" clinic sponsored by Badger Region Volleyball prior to the beginning of the season, and will have a background check done by Badger Region Volleyball prior to being allowed to practice with the team. Coaches must adhere to the club's playing time guidelines.



The club operates a website and Facebook page. The club can also be contacted via email.



A parent/guardian must complete a registraion packet.  The completed registration packet and club fees will be collected prior to tryouts.  (dates can be found on our "Calendar" tab.  

2021 FEES **Updates coming**


ADDITIONAL ITEMS NEEDED (these can be purchased on our spirit wear site or on your own)

Black Spandex Shorts

Ball (size and type will be discussed at parent meetings)


Knee Pads


Returning players who already have uniform/ball are only required to pay the Club Fee. Seventh grade players will need to purchase a new volleyball (change in weight). Consider recycling your gently used lightweight volleyball to the younger girls. 


Players who do not have a current Badger Region Membership must complete the online registration and pay the membership fee, which is approximately $15.



Parents are a part of the team and are important role models.

  • Appreciate your child’s efforts; children should know that win or lose you love them.
  • Be honest to yourself about your child’s athletic capacity, competitive attitude, sportsmanship and actual skill level.
  • Do not shout advice during the game; talk to your child after the game and when they are ready.
  • Do not harass or criticize the referee, the other team, or other players.
  • Don’t compare the skill, courage, or attitudes of your children with other members of the team.
  • Do not discuss game situations with the coach immediately after a game; wait 24 hours in order to insure a better interaction.
  • Get to know the coach so that you can understand his/her philosophy, attitudes, ethics, and leadership style.
  • Support the coach and his assistants with the things they are trying to accomplish.
  • Parents have a responsibility to provide feedback via an annual survey.


The Brookfield Central Junior Lancers Volleyball Club has established playing time guidelines. The coach has the discretion to adjust this for circumstances such as practice attendance, attitude, disciplinary, etc. Here are the playing time guidelines:

  • 5th grade: Balanced play for the entire match
  • 6th grade: Balanced play for 75% of the match, coach’s discretion for 25% of the game
  • 7th grade: Balanced play for 50% of the match, coach’s discretion for 50% of the game
  • 8th grade: Total coach’s discretion


Practice schedules will be determined by late May or early June. Teams will practice twice per week for approximately 1.5 hours each practice. Although every attempt is made to schedule two practices each week, due to gym availability, this may not occur. If a player cannot attend practice for any reason, they must contact the coach before the practice. If both practices within the week are missed, the player may not be permitted to play in the following matches.



  • Head Coach (paid): 1
  • Assistant Coach (parent volunteer): 1
  • Players: varies based on number of participants
  • Team Manager (parent volunteer): 1